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Reuben on Rye (aka Rye)

  • 2016 bay Clydesdale/Quarter horse cross gelding, measuring 15.1 hands

  • Leads, loads, bathes, travels well, lunges, competes at starter level eventing, and hacks out with/without other horses.

Rye has been with us for about a year now. He was purchased by a client to take her up through the novice or training levels of eventing and is now sadly offered for sale due to the clients changing goals. We feel that Rye is going to make someone an amazing partner to move up the levels with. He is a fancy, forward thinking little guy, who loves his job and loves to jump! The more we teach him, the more he loves it! He is only in 3 days of work per week and is the same horse after time off. He came to Ocala for a bit of training in March and was amazing at new venues, an easy shipper, and a pleasure to work with. He is schooling beginner novice and has been to a schooling three-phase show at starter level where he finished on his dressage score of 32. We have him in front shoes to keep his draft feet from becoming pancakes. He wears a size 3! He used to lose a shoe on occasion when he first got them, but with a pair of turnout bell boots and some improved flatwork, he is moving in a great balance and has been keeping the shoes on no problem. He started his life as a trail horse and has tons of experience out and about. Banks, ditches and eat obstacles are second nature to him! He rides out alone or in a group. He is also super easy in the barn with zero maintenance and living out on pasture board year round. Rye is going to make someone a really amazing partner! 

Priced in the low 5 figures starting with a one.

C. A. E. Horses

Redtail Sorento (barn name: Bruno)

  • 2017 bay Westphalian gelding, measuring 16.0 hands, premium at foal inspection
  • Leads, loads, bathes, travels well, lunges, competes novice level eventing and 1.0m jumping, and hacks out with other horses.
  • By Esteban XX (Prince Mab XX) out of Zytha (Lupicor (Lux Z) X Perdita (Guidam)

Bruno is a big personality trapped in a small body. He prides himself in being the smartest and most handsome horse in the barn. He loves to jump and will free jump of his own accord when let loose in an arena. Bruno finds most activities very easy and gets bored with too much repetition. His favorite past times include playing in his kiddie pool or the hose, as well as jumping and showing off how high and fast he can go! In trips down the free jump shoot he casually jumps 3'6" oxers with ease and hasn't seen a jump he is impressed with yet. Bruno respects and loves his people once they earn his respect. He is not an easy horse and will always test to see the limits of what he is allowed to do. Mane pulling is not a permitted activity and grabbing mane is not recommended, despite his extra curricular activities. He loves his stall time and his morning naps; he has a collection of dog toys to keep his busy mind occupied! The more something is a challenge or a game, the more he loves it!

Conquest of Housie Z (barn name: Huey)

  • 2018 bay Zangershiede gelding, measuring 16.2 hands
  • Leads, lunges, goes in a Pessoa lunging system, hand walks on trails, creeks, and natural ditches, and jumps small fences including natural obstacles, fillers and flowers
  • Would excel at: Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Fox hunting
  • By Casallo Z (Casall ASK) out of Vienna (No Limit, Indoctro)

Huey is the sweetest horse in the barn. He is gentle and kind and if given a choice, would prefer a pampered life in a stall rather than turnout in his field. He is incredibly trusting and loves all people, He is also a brave type and his favorite activity is long walks exploring on the farm. Hue is also the sensitive type and he works very hard to be a good boy. While he has looked a bit gangly, we believe the quality of this young horse is starting to shine through as he is growing into his huge bone. He has all the right conformation and movement to produce top marks in dressage while he also possesses the blood and scope needed for a top jumping horse. His gallop is already breathtaking. This eye-catching young horse has a bright future in any career. We are excited to see him develop in his four year old year!

Der Donnergott (barn name: Thor)

  • 2020 bay Oldenburg colt
  • Leads, loads, and stands for grooming, hoof picking and farrier.
  • Would excel at: Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Fox hunting
  • By Diktator VD Boslandhoeve (Argentinus, Capitol) out of Lady Carthago (Lascadell x Kleo I)

Thor is a very serious little guy. He is very respectful of his people and enjoys showing off his gaits both in hand and during free schools in the arenas. He is a relaxed and confident colt who notices everything but handles new things with a calm and inquisitive nature. We look forward to getting to know this cool colt better! In his two year old year he will learn about wearing tack and more ground work activities.

Caïro of Housie Z (barn name: Caïro)

  • 2021 bay Zangersheide colt
  • Leads, loads, and stands for grooming, hoof picking and farrier.
  • Would excel at: Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Fox hunting
  • By Caribis Z (Carthago Z, Canabis Z) out of Helena Van Het Heihof (Argentinus x Saygon)

We are so excited to get to know little Caïro!

Ownership Opportunities

Have you ever considered owning a horse, but been daunted by the responsibility or the work involved? Unfortunately a horse is not the same as a puppy! For the most part, Sport Horses are the "professional athletes" of the horse world. They are incredibly intelligent, immeasurably athletic, and desire a tailored regimen to perform at their peak, just like human athletes. The experience of following a talented horse through the levels of competition is breathtaking, thrilling, rewarding, and exhilarating! As an owner, you can be as involved as you like; whether that is choosing the horse to buy and engaging in the day to day training or simply coming to the competitions in your party dress to watch your horse compete! If you want more information on becoming a vital member of the C. A. Eventing team or an owner of a specific horse, do not hesitate to contact Cathryn directly at (931) 249-0928 or by email at [email protected]


Coin Toss (barn name: Chance)

  • 2002 bay thoroughbred gelding
  • USEA Gold Medal winner at Preliminary
  • USEF 3* Three-Day Eventing Champion
  • Multiple Intermediate Three-Day Eventing wins
  • USDF Bronze Medal Winner
  • USDF Silver Medal Scorer at the Prix St George level
  • By Won Song out of Lilly Loredo

Chance was Cathryn's long time partner. Together they conquered both Eventing and Dressage arenas. Cathryn produced Chance from the beginning, introducing him to the sport of Eventing at the lowest levels as a 6 year old and the partnership developed to the peak of the sport with wins at every level along the way. Chance taught Cathryn that producing a horse was about training and developing the horse as well as partnering and nurturing their individuality. Chance retired from Eventing in 2017 to take up a career in Dressage. Despite being a thoroughbred, Chance competed against some of the best bred and most quality moving sporthorses to achieve all the scores needed for the USDF Bronze medal and all but one score for the USDF Silver medal. In September 2020, Chance was retired full time. He has given Cathryn everything and owes nothing. He was pampered and loved the rest of his days at Stony River Farm. He enjoyed weekly long hacks and lots of extra treats! In November 2021 Chance suffered hyperextension injuries due to Degenerative Tendon Disease and he was put down before he spent any days in pain. He now runs free in the beautiful meadows of the clouds in good company.

Want help selling your horse?

C. A. Eventing prides itself in creating successful partnerships between horse and rider. Cathryn cannot stress enough that riding is too expensive and too much work to not love every minute of it. If you and your horse aren't clicking, let's fix it! Life is too short to wait. Selling your horse doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or with the horse! It's okay that you guys aren't perfect for each other. There is a horse for everyone and a person for every horse. Contact us to get started!

SOLD: Thumbelina's Wings

  • 2012 dark bay thoroughbred mare measuring 15.3
  • Loads, ties, clips, travels well, etc. UTD on everything
  • Would excel at: Eventing, Jumping, Fox hunting
  • By High Cotton XX out of Kings Pact XX

"Lina" is a barn favorite! I call her a gelding trapped in a mares body as she is phased by nothing and happy to please! She is forward thinking but takes leg well has easy brakes and takes a joke, No perfect rider required! Lina is fun and fearless. She loves. water, we joke she is a fish, and she needs no crop off a drop into water! She is a little xc machine and a real teammate. Lina is for sale only because her owner is getting ready to graduate high school. Currently priced at $10,000 for a quick sale as owner is paying board. Contact us today for more information or to come see Lina! (931) 249-0928 [email protected]

Sold: Taphouse

"Hops" was a one-of-a-kind 2016 16.0 hand bay unraced thoroughbred gelding that joined the C. A. Eventing team in 2019 to be restarted for eventing. He absolutely thrived in his off the track life and really came out of his shell. He was a barn favorite with us and his selling was a bitter sweet good bye. We are all so thrilled for his new owner, Amanda, and we cannot wait to see the dreams they achieve together!

Sold: La Bocca

2002 15.1 hand bay dutch warmblood cross mare with years of fox hunting and eventing experience has found her next partner! A young rider will enjoy learning and competing with Bocca!

Sold: TwoTwenty "Bentley"

2013 16.1 hand bay thoroughbred gelding with training and experience through the beginner novice level with scope to continue climbing the levels with his new rider. He sold to an adult rider Fall of 2018 and will continue eventing with his new teammate!

Sold: The Game's Afoot

2012 17 hand chestnut thoroughbred gelding restarted from the track. He competed at recognized events beginner novice through the training level successfully, and has wins at first level in dressage, as well as wins in 1m schooling jumper classes. He was sold in Spring of 2017 to a young rider who is pursuing a career in the hunter jumper arena.

Sold: Knightly Rider

2008 16 hand bay thoroughbred gelding with experience eventing at beginner novice with a young rider. He sold to a family to be their "first horse" for both kids and mom to learn how to ride.

Sold: Pebbles N Pearls

2007 12.2 hand dapple gray shetland pony mare with eventing experience at recognized beginner novice and schooling .80m jumper competitions. She sold to an amazing family as the daughter's first riding pony.

Sold: Willoughby

2005 16.1 hand paint/thoroughbred cross chestnut gelding with a second place finish at novice and several placings at beginner novice. He sold to a wonderful family to be their grandkid's first horse to love and learn to ride.