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CWD Sellier

Having correctly fitting saddles optimize your performance as a rider, keep you secure in situations Eventers can find themselves in, and also help our equine athletes achieve excellence. Not only do they have the highest quality saddles for any phase of eventing, but CWD has a complete line of all tack you need to ride. CWD's new dressage saddle is at home amongst the most prestiges pure dressage saddles thanks to its German-styled seat and redesigned thigh block. CWD's used saddle program is unbeatable. They have an enormous selection of saddles, all of which are inspected by their saddle professionals, shipped to you for free, come with a 30 day trial and free return shipping. Shop their website by clicking their logo or contact us to schedule a FREE fitting today!

Reedsdale Equine Specialists

Dr. Michael, of Reedsdale Equine Specialists, has become a huge asset to our team. This vet clinic is reliable, communicative, and thorough. Dr. Michael is always available to answer questions and follow up with the information owners need and he does a great job balancing the high performance needs of sport horse medicine and lameness with standard veterinary medicine that thrives on reasonability and moderation. Feel free to check out their website by clicking on their logo to the left!

Total Saddle Fit

C. A. Eventing is excited to work with such a dramatically innovative company as Total Saddle Fit. Founder Justin Baghai started the company out of a specific need to create a product that relieved the issue of ill-functioning. With a background as a saddle-fitter, Baghai and Total Saddle Fit have created products that solve common equestrian issues in both English and Western practices. Total Saddle Fit continues to create new products and stands by everything they create. Their products not only hold up to every day use and dramatically improve every day equestrian activities, but they also stand out in the show ring! Click their logo on the left to check out their website!

Summit Joint Performance

C. A. Eventing is proud to work with Summit Joint Performance. These new joint products have been shown to out perform other products for both equine and canine partners. To reach peak performance levels many athletes benefit from joint protection and recovery. Summit Joint Performance aides in recovery and increasing longevity and is fantastic for both competitive athletes as well as older horses and dogs. Summit is simply Chondroitin 4 Sulfate that is completely natural, not made in a lab and is the purest form of Chondroitin on the market. Click the logo to the left to learn more or place your order. Feel free to ask us for more information as well!


Stockbubble is an exciting small business that specializes in custom equestrian items! Choose from more fabric choices you can possibly think exist and Stockbubble can make stockties, dog bandanas, belts, and masks! All items are expertly hand made and shipping is free! Want to rep the Stockbubble gear? They also have logo sunshirts and more available! We are so excited about this partnership! Don't forget to share your Stockbubble pics on instagram and #itsfromstockbubble Check out the etsy shop by clicking on the link or logo above!

Simplified Equine Nutrition

Equine nutrition is a constantly developing science that is nearly impossible for us riders to keep up with, and yet our horse's nutrition is such an integral part of their success in sport and in life. Katie Martin, with Simplified Equine Nutrition, has years of experience in the equine nutrition field, a passion for research, and a desire to see your horse thrive. She is not biased towards any one company and her analysis is based purely on the latest scientific studies. Each thorough work up is horse-specific and tailor-made to your goals with your equine partner. Give Katie an email to get started towards a healthier horse today!

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